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Mother’s Day and all that Jazz

13 May

Hi. It’s been awhile. Sorry to anyone who’s been watching this blog, wondering what happened to me. Life got crazy. We’ve had a lot going on here at our house, what with trying to switch the guest room to the downstairs in order to turn the current guest room into a nursery, planning for my sister and niece to visit this week (Yay!!!) and me being confined to bed with the mother of all viruses. So yeah…it’s been nuts!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and moms to be out there! My mother’s day could have been better (re: the virus that ate the world) but I was pleasantly surprised when Johnny and the boys presented me with something I’ve wanted for a long time; a silver bangle.


Inside is engraved “Faith-Hope-Love” and I absolutely love it. Of course having been insanely sick ever since, I haven’t had the chance to wear it anywhere, but this Saturday is my baby shower and I will definitely be wearing it to that! It looks absolutely stunning when combined with the earrings I won on the giveaway over at My Reflections.


They’re from Alex Keller’s¬†Etsy shop and I looooove them. I could spend oodles of money at Alex’s shop, if only I had it to spend. If my sweet hubs happens to be swinging by my blog to give me some traffic and possibly a comment *cough* then here’s a big ole hint for future birthday/Christmas presents: Alex’s shop is bookmarked in my favorites. JUST SAYIN’.

So now, about this virus.

Have you ever been hit with a virus so brutal that even your toenails hurt? Well we just may have had the same one. It started early one morning with a sore throat. I hate having a sore throat, but it’s nothing I can’t cope with. I whined and complained a bit, gargled some warm salty water (which is just as disgusting as it sounds, by the way, but it does take the stinging away for a short while) and hoped that it would be gone in the morning. It wasn’t. It was now accompanied by a stuffy and runny nose.

How is it even possible for your nose to run and yet be stuffy at the same time?! My nose would run and I’d have to make a mad dash for the bathroom for some tissue because I couldn’t even sniffle!

After a couple of days of this pure misery, I developed a hacking dry cough. You know the type. The type that is so totally counterproductive to helping you feel better that it would be more profitable to have someone inject you with¬†measles or something. All that cough did was make my throat sore. It didn’t ease my congestion one little bit, thank you very much!

I’d like to point out that while I was suffering through this, unmedicated thanks to a little person we like to call “Lola”, there were two bottles of Nyquil in my medicine cupboard just crooning my name. All I wanted to do was take twice the recommended dose, crawl into bed, slip into a Nyquil-induced coma and not emerge until this misery was over. No such luck. Not recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing. Screw you Nyquil!!! (No, I take it back, I really love you.)

I finally decided it was time to go to the doctor. Who took pity on me and wrote me a prescription for penicillin and Nasonex. Both of which I am currently still taking. I’m finally starting to feel human again, and just in time because my sister and niece will be here tomorrow!!!

They’re coming to make arrangements for Beckie’s wedding, and to help throw my baby shower. They are exceptionally excited about Miss Lola. Beckie is currently the youngest granddaughter on my side of the family, so it’s especially exciting for her. She’s also going to be Lola’s godmother, which she seems quite thrilled about as well. There are constant conversations about how we’re going to turn Lola into a shoe diva like the three of us.

ALL of these shoes are courtesy of "Poppy", her paternal grandfather

She’s off to a good start so far, don’t you think?

Despite all the sickness and frustration these past few weeks, one very awesome thing went down. Silas is finally potty trained! GO SILAS!!!

Mommy's BIG BOY!

We’re very proud of him. He completed the process in under a week and doesn’t even wear diapers at night anymore.

Also, my daffodils started to bloom.

Also pictured, Hayden.

We watched Wall-E a whole lot more than some of us wanted to…

What a life...

We caught up on our rest…or tried to.

Hey, at least he's on the right end of the bed...

...unlike some people we know...

Oh and some of us threw emo fits about the weather.

Not necessarily the person pictured here though...

So with all my plans for the next couple of weeks, my blogging may be sporadic at best, but now that I have my camera fixed I can at least promise you baby shower pictures and updates on Lola’s growing wardrobe.

Much love to all of you for your patience with a preggo-brained blogger with a bad flu virus. I adore you all.



29 Mar

The post I had promised for Thursday has been postponed until I’m feeling better. The flu has hit the parental units of the Army and neither of us is feeling up to much more than laying on the couch and blinking at each other.

I thank you in advance for your patience.