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8 Mar

It’s finally happened. Hayden has lost a tooth…

...or two

Actually, it’s three. This picture was taken right before he lost the third, one of the top front ones.

It’s so hard to believe. He cut his teeth so late that we were starting to think he’d never get any, and now he’s losing them. Let’s hope he gets better mileage out of his permanent teeth.


Whine and Roses #4 – Is Elsewhere!

4 Feb

Todays “Whine and Roses” post is featured on my dear friend Priya’s blog over at My Reflections! I encourage all my readers to go check out my post and the rest of Priya’s blog as well, as she is definitely a favorite blogger of mine. Become a follower too, you will not regret it!

Thank you Priya for this wonderful opportunity. It’s been an incredible experience and I have truly appreciated it. Much love for you from me and my Army.

And to keep the home fires burning here on  my own little corner of the internets…

The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar - as read by Hayden

Feel the Love

1 Feb

 “Love is friendship set on fire.” – Jeremy Taylor

This month on Raising an Army I’m going to be doing something  just a little bit different, thanks to my friend Priya over at My Reflections. In February, she devotes the month to “Love Bytes” and so has inspired and challenged me to do the same. Over here, in the spirit of the Army, I will call it “Whine and Roses” – a series of posts dedicated to love – particularly the side that comes with having a house full of children. Since I have a whole lotta love in my heart and am surrounded by love every day of the year, I am fairly certain that I can handle 28 days of sharing a little piece of that love with you all.

As I was looking for a quote to kick off February and the “Whine and Roses” theme, I realized how diverse people’s opinions on what love really is can be. It really made me search within myself for the answer to the question; “What is love, to me?”

This month I’m going to challenge myself to explore that in-depth. Today I’m just going to leave you with some images of what love is to me today. These are some of the roses that offset my whine.

The 3 Hooligans; Silas, Hayden & James

Daddy and his Princess

Simply Kissable

Hanging out with my big boy.

Lots of roses today and no whine…let’s see if that trend carries through for the rest of February. 🙂

Happy Holidays

1 Jan

With love from the Army. Peace and joy to you in 2011.

Wordless Wednesday

9 Nov

(On a side note, I’m not posting the assignment for today. It was to write a letter to my parents and there are things in it far too personal to share. Thanks for understanding.)

As Tracy so astutely pointed out, it’s Tuesday. Now you get a glimpse into how hassled my mind really is. I can’t keep my days straight. Okay, so it’s Wordless Wednesday EVE.


7 Nov

On November 1st, we had the first snowfall of the season here in Newfoundland. I didn’t get any pictures, and the snow didn’t stay down on the ground, but it simultaneously thrilled and horrified me. Even though I’m long past that stage where winter is exciting and I can’t wait for snow, the first snowfall of the season always still gives me that old thrill. Despite its shortcomings, snow is so pretty and looks so clean and fresh. As the thrill ran through me, the horror chased behind. Snow already? I hate winter! Winter is cold and wet and gross! It makes it so difficult to get out to run errands and the people where I live drive like idiots at the best of time. Give them a layer of slush and/or ice and we’re talking about playing Russian Roulette just to go to the grocery!

The snowfall combined with todays self-actualization project made me think about that whole theory that no two snowflakes are exactly the same, just like no two people are exactly the same. Today I was supposed to write about what makes me different from everyone else. What makes me a “special snowflake”? So I sat down with my laptop to write.

And spent the next twenty minutes at least staring at the screen blankly.

What does make me different and special? I honestly don’t think there is anything about me that really sets me apart. There are things about me that are unusual, sure, but nothing that I don’t share with at least some other small group of the population. Here are some of those “oddities”.

– I have a large family…and I only want to add to it. I’m not finished with four children. I want more. Maybe I’ll decide five is enough. maybe six. Maybe more. Honestly though, this doesn’t make me special. Sure we have more than the average amount of children, but we’re no Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. In the grand scheme of things, four children really isn’t that many.

– I am intensely passionate about what I believe in and will fight for what I believe is fair and just, but I’m no Nelson Mandela.

– I love my friends and family and would give my life for theirs, but any mother, father, sister or brother worth their salt would do the same.

But only I can raise my children to be good, loving, tolerant members of society. Only I can teach them to reach out to a friend in need. To put their arms around the friend who is crying. To embrace the rejected. To love everyone, not in spite of their differences but because of them. Only I can teach them what it means to sacrifice your own wants and desires in the name of making a difference.

Only I can be James’ mommy. Hayden’s mommy. Silas’ mommy. Lola’s mommy. Only I can teach them by my example what a mother’s love is supposed to be. Unconditional, fierce, never-ending.

What makes me a “special snowflake” are the little snowflakes that I brought into this world and my imprint on the world will be an echo of the imprints they make.

This is what makes me different. This is my task and mine alone. God help me to fulfill it and not fail the special snowflakes he’s entrusted to me.


6 Nov

Today I’m supposed to share a photo of something that makes me happy. So here you go.

Babies and Brothers

Doesn’t get much better than this.