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Wedding – Part 4

29 Sep

The Mr. and Mrs.

And so it was that Beckie and Jason began their life together. And this post is going to be entirely devoted to the pictures. Enjoy!

The beautiful Beckie

The Wedding Party: (L-R) Tiffany, Myself, Linda, Beckie, Jason, Keith, Matt and Kenny

Those strings were just irresistable for Jason!

Where's Matt? He seems to have disappeared!

The Girls

My Dad wearing Lola's hat

And my mom in the background with the most awesome smile I’ve ever seen. That, my bloggy friends, is true laughter right there.

A well-deserved swat with the bouquet

I'm honestly not sure what's going on here...

The Rings

Well what do we do with THESE?!

and finally…

The Dance

Oh and one more…because I can’t finish this wedding series without a picture of the bride and her goddaughter!

Auntie Beckie and Lola


Wedding Part 3

27 Sep

So we made it to the lodge relatively unscathed by the downpour which had ruined our plans for an outdoor wedding. The girls adjusted our hair, checked our makeup and re-checked bra straps to make sure they weren’t showing. Then we all lined up on the stairs to await our cue.

Okay, so I wasn't looking. So sue me. I had dress issues since I'm so short.

I also want to share with you the processional song. Beckie decided to follow my lead with picking a song to walk in to. I chose a song by my favorite band, Aerosmith. She chose one from her favorite band, the Backstreet Boys.

Even though we’d originally been a little “iffy” about this choice, it was absolutely perfect. If I was going to choose a song for Beckie’s wedding myself, I’d choose this one all over again.

As the music played and we all walked in, Jason waited patiently for his first glimpse of his bride.

Looking snazzy Jason!

And that first glimpse was well worth it. Beckie was absolutely stunning and her face practically glowed as she walked in on her father’s arm.

My father performed the marriage ceremony (he’s an ordained pastor) and the bridal attendants gave the evil eye during the “speak  now” part to make sure everyone “forever held their peace”.

Speak and DIE!

Beckie and Jason were married while seated in front of the fireplace in the lodge and when they were pronounced husband and wife everyone cheered.

It was a long kiss...seriously.

The wedding went off without so much as a speedbump, despite the last-minute change in location. By now the rain had eased up…and we headed outside to take some pictures!

Next post…more pictures than you ever need to see in one place!

(Photos on this post courtesy of Adam Colbourne)

Wedding – Part 2

22 Sep

Let all thy joys be as the month of May,
And all thy days be as a marriage day.
~Francis Quarles

The night before the wedding was a sleepless one. Beckie and I shared a room in our suite at the villa and neither of us could sleep until we received the text from Adam stating, “Landing in St. John’s. Now you can go to sleep.” So we did.

The next morning Lola started Beckie’s day out right. The little princess was laying in mama’s lap and when Beckie rolled over and said “Good morning Lola,” Lola laughed for the first time. It was like her little wedding gift to her godmother and Beckie was thrilled.

It’s a good thing that Lola decided to give Beckie a little sunshine because the sky overhead promised no such gift. It was pouring rain. So much for an outdoor wedding. We didn’t worry about that right away though and instead got breakfast and headed to the lodge to decorate for the reception. We opened big boxes that contained the wine glasses that Beckie had shipped to Newfoundland the week before the wedding and painstakingly wound ribbons and filled them with candy.

Brutally hot in that lodge until we begged them to turn on the AC!

After we were pretty much finished the decorating, the time had come to face the facts. The weather wasn’t clearing up to grant us the outdoor wedding we’d planned. Alternate arrangements had to be made, so Beckie chose her second favorite location – next to the fireplace in the lodge. We did two quick runthroughs of the ceremony – one without Beckie and one without Jason since the groom refused to see the bride before the wedding! – and practically ran back to the villa to start getting ready. Our spirits had begun to lift, however, because Linda had returned and Adam had arrived! Of course, we nearly drowned on the run to the villa, it was raining so hard.

So much rain and water!

The frantic preparations began. There was hair to be done…

Michelle fixing Tiffany's hair

Bling to be added to updo’s…

Yes, the bride's momma did her hair!

Pretty purple shoes to be buckled…

Bride's aunt (me!) did her pedicure the night before!

And of course…THE dress…

Beckie, being the amazing godmother she is – as well as one of the most down-to-earth people I know – promptly sat down and comforted a wailing Lola while the rest of us got ready…wedding dress and all.

On the bright side, Lola was pleasant for the rest of the day

In due time and only 30 minutes late – a miracle when you consider that the mother of the bride had only made it back to the villa an hour before! – we got into Keith’s rental car and drove the 20 seconds to the lodge so that we wouldn’t get soaked. Then we took a deep breath and prepared ourselves. The moment had come!

Stay tuned for part 3…ceremony time!

(Pictures in this post courtesy of Amy Martin and Adam Colbourne)