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The Tale of a (Grocery) Shopaholic

26 Sep

Johnny and I have had to budget much more carefully since moving into our new house. It’s significantly more expensive than our rent at the downstairs apartment that we lived in before, so some things have had to be put on the back burner and others have to be higher priority. We’ve also had to be much more careful about our grocery expenses.

Now here’s the thing. I love grocery shopping. Most people I know hate it. My sister Linda, for example, would rather be attacked by a pack of rabid wolves than have to make a supermarket excursion. I adore it. I can spend far more time perusing the spice section than shopping for new shoes. (That may also explain why I buy new sneakers about once every four years…) I like grocery shopping and trying new recipes and I have an awful time sticking to a budget when it comes to food. I’ll go into the supermarket with a $200 limit and walk out with $280 worth of groceries. I’m just terrible.

So today my parents are in town and my daddy offers to watch Hayden (Aka: The Child Who Wants…) while Mom and I take Silas and James shopping with us. Before Johnny leaves for work he gives me The Look and says “There’s a $200 cheque on top of the refrigerator.”


So off I go to the supermarket…and I find sales. Sales are good, right? No. For me, sales are BAD. Sales mean I buy way more than I need in the name of maybe saving 20 cents next month. Meat is on sale! It was like…Meat Christmas! Chicken! Pork! Beef! All on sale! So I started loading up my cart. Oh look! Cheese is on sale too! And cereal! And yogurt!

I headed to the checkout with a sinking feeling. This wasn’t going to be pretty.

When I was given my final total, my jaw practically hit the floor. I’d spent roughly $125. So $75 came home in my wallet! And our freezer is half full…there’s enough meat for next month too!

I’m pretty darn proud. Maybe I have learned something about this budgeting thing after all…and maybe sales aren’t so bad after all!