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2010: A Year in Review

2 Jan

2010 was a year of changes and excitement in our household. I didn’t blog about all of them, but I think I touched on most. So for the ones I missed and a refresher on the ones I didn’t, here’s 2010 for the Army.

On January 3, Johnny and I celebrated 6 years of marriage. That was officially 3 years longer than my longest relationship before him, and…almost 6 years longer than his longest. (Well, let’s be honest, 3.5 months isn’t hard to beat.)

On March 23rd we got our first glimpse of the little bean who we would soon know as Lola. I was so excited and was almost positive that I saw little girly parts, but couldn’t be sure. We had to wait for our 3D ultrasound in April to confirm what I thought I’d seen. We had a wonderful experience at UC Baby and if we ever have another baby we will definitely be going back. The day before that ultrasound on April 15, Silas had surgery to repair his unbilical hernia. The surgery went perfectly and Silas hasn’t had a bit of trouble since.

In May, Linda and Beckie came home for a visit and they threw me a baby shower. We had lots of fun and Beckie and Linda spoiled the little princess that we were expecting with loads of pink things and pretty shoes. I had a great time with them, and was so sad when the time came for them to go back.  It was a really great visit.

The gals

On July 12, James turned eight.

So grown up

In June we had discovered that our princess had decided not to turn head down or face the back and so we scheduled a July 16th c-section. However Lola Sophia didn’t like this date and decided to bust out on July 14th instead…which happened to be her godfather (my nephew) Adam’s 22nd birthday! He was thrilled at this particular development! It was a dramatic entrance befitting our little diva as she was delivered via emergency c-section at 4:07am.

Lola Sophia

In September, Beckie was married at Marble Mountain and I was a bridesmaid. This meant that I got to have Beckie and Linda around for another week, and we had tons of fun. It was a beautiful wedding and Beckie and Jason looked so happy!

Mr. and Mrs. Baglien

On November 23, Hayden turned six years old.

6 years old!

On December 5th, Silas turned four.

Yes, five candles...I know

And on Lola’s very first Christmas, we had a wonderful celebration at home. My parents joined us for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

The old year left us quietly and the new year slipped in as it left, without a sound. I was the only person awake here when it did.

2010 brought so many happy moments. I cannot help but wonder what 2011 brings.

(More detailed post to come about Christmas morning!)


Happy Holidays

1 Jan

With love from the Army. Peace and joy to you in 2011.