I Miss You

12 Oct

Today I’m supposed to share the picture of someone I miss. Well, I talk about Beckie and Linda all the time on here, and of course I do miss them. However, today I’m going to share with you someone else I miss, and it’s rather appropriate because today is her birthday.

Eekie and Wyatt - No...Eekie isn't her real name.

Melissa is another of my nieces, and I miss her like crazy. When she lived a couple of streets over, we were such close friends! There was no telling what we’d decide to do on any given night. One night we decided to walk to Subway at 11pm because we were hungry! We watched movies, stayed up all night talking, and attempted Carmen Electra’s striptease aerobics – much hilarity ensued.

I used to babysit her when she was little. Then she babysat my kids. Now she’s a mommy herself and I hope someday it comes full circle and I can have the opportunity to babysit my sweet nephew Wyatt!

Happy birthday Eekie! I miss you and love you and hope that your day was as fabulous as you are.


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