My (Other) Best Friend

11 Oct

Most of us have heard that phrase, “I want to marry my best friend.” It’s a popular one because everyone wants to marry someone who they can confide in and have fun with. Someone who knows them inside out.

Well I never wanted to marry my best friend.

The thought of being married to someone who knew me that well kind of freaked me out. What’s to love about being married to someone who knows the ugly truth about all of your bad habits and has watched you cry into your beer (or in my case, anything but beer) about how your co-workers are all snobs or how you feel fat. Someone who has watched you devour half a chocolate cake in one sitting. Somehow, that kind of kills the some of the mystery of romance to me.

So I swore up and down that I would never marry my best friend, and I didn’t. I married Johnny. We’d been friends before we started dating, but I definitely wouldn’t have called him my best friend. I wouldn’t fart in front of the guy, for pete’s sake, and that’s a huge indicator of friendship right there. If you’re still shy about bodily functions, you aren’t best friends!

We were married in January of 2004 and by December of 2006 had three children. That’s when we started to realize that everything had changed. Our relationships with our friends were different. They were mostly single and childless and we were drifting farther and farther apart from them. We didn’t get out much, so making new friends was hard. We were forced to cling to each other in order to maintain some sanity. Besides, the children outnumbered us now. We couldn’t afford to let them divide and conquer.

October of 2007

Without even realizing it, he’d become my confidante. That one person I could count on to make me laugh. The one I turned to when something was upsetting me. Heck, I even got over the farting issue! (And oh boy so did he.)

That was when I realized that no…I never wanted to marry my best friend – and I didn’t. Instead I married a man who became my best friend, and that made all the difference.

Today’s assignment was to share yet another picture of me with my friend(s) and what better friend to share with you than the one with whom I share my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends…today I am thankful for my husband – my (other) best friend.


2 Responses to “My (Other) Best Friend”

  1. Nadja October 12, 2010 at 3:57 am #

    This post made me smile =)

    Love the photo!

  2. Linda October 12, 2010 at 3:52 pm #

    We should all be so lucky.

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