You Can Be MY Hero, Baby

6 Oct

Almost a week of this project has now passed by, and so far so good. Today I’ve been told to share with you, my wonderful readers, who my favorite superhero is and why.

Superhero, huh? Now this is a prompt I can get behind. I have three sons. There isn’t a superhero in the world that they don’t know about. They even have a poster with all the Marvel superheroes and supervillains hanging in their bedroom…which I would have gotten a picture of if I’d had the foresight to take it before we tucked them in. (Doh!)

My favorite superhero is…(drumroll please)…

Iron Man is definitely by far my favorite. There’s no hiding a secret identity by stupid means like glasses and a side part, Tony Stark is who he is – just a man. A man with flaws. He saw first-hand the devastation that the weapons he had designed could cause and decided to make a change. No super powers. No extraordinary abilities. Just hard work and creative thought. He used his fortune for good to make the suit that made him a superhero.

Yet he isn’t perfect. He’s cocky, impetuous and a womanizer. He’s human, like the rest of us. No martyr there, just a guy who wants to help change the world.

And the fact that he’s portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr. doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

Who is your favorite superhero?


One Response to “You Can Be MY Hero, Baby”

  1. Tracy October 7, 2010 at 4:19 am #

    I’ve probably told this superhero story before, so my apologies.

    Dave and I used to work at a call centre doing Vista Networking tech support. There was this really big dude named Charlie that worked with us. Charlie’s desk was across the aisle from mine and up one. He and the guy in front of me were arguing about comic book characters. Now, Charlie wasn’t particularly good with social interaction and he made me somewhat uncomfortable, despite being mostly harmless.

    Charlie decided to get me in on this superhero conversation by harassing me for my opinion. After a while, I replied thoughtfully with “I’d like to see Superman crossed with a shark. He’d just fly around and bite people.”

    Charlie never asked for my opinion on superheroes ever again.

    That said, does Harvey Birdman from “Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law” count?

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