Just Me and My Pals

3 Oct

On day 3 of my project, I’m supposed to share a picture of me with my friends. This brought me to the first actual piece of self-realization so far in the project. I’m a loner and don’t really have friends in the traditional sense. I tend to keep to myself. Maybe that’s something that needs fixing or perhaps it’s actually a vital part of me and should be left alone. It bears some thought. However, I’m going to give today’s assignment a shot, so here goes.

The girls

I looked within my family for my closest friends. Tiffany, Beckie and Linda have all been extremely close to me ever since we came into each others’ lives. So many late nights full of laughter and tears. We’ve shared successes and failures, true love and broken hearts. We’ve survived great distances between us and still managed to keep our friendships solid. There are no friends like family.

Please excuse the exceptionally old photo

Another person who I consider a close friend is my Mom. We’ve been through a lot together, my Mummy and I. I was the latecomer to our family. An unexpected and uninvited latecomer, I might add. By the time I was six, all of my siblings had left home and that left Dad, Mom and I alone. My daddy is a pastor, and that means lots of moving around, so my mom and I had to cling to each other even more for some sense of normalcy and stability. It forged a bond between us that will never be broken, no matter how much we frustrate each other. Now that he’s retired and there’s no more moving, we’ve found ourselves back in much the same quandry that we were in for my childhood. All my siblings have not only left home, they’ve moved across the country. Once again, I’m all Mom has and vice versa. Perhaps it’s part of the reason I’ve never felt any urge to make friends outside my family. Mom was my friend. What else did I need?

My usual place

No, this wasn’t the wrong photo. This is where the rest of my friends are. Some of the best friends I’ve made, I made online. Take Mary for example. I “met” Mary 12 years ago through a mailing list group for fans of the television show “The Magnificent Seven”. The show didn’t make it, but our friendship did. We’ve seen each other fall in love, get married and have babies all through this wonderful invention they call the internet. She’s not the only person that I met online and became lifelong friends with either. There are several of my online friends that I’d consider the best friends in the world. Some of you have blogs. 🙂 I don’t know what I’d do without you.

I may not have traditional friendships, but I do have strong, close ones. Friendships that stand the test of time. Friendships that I wouldn’t trade for anything.


2 Responses to “Just Me and My Pals”

  1. purplume October 4, 2010 at 12:58 am #

    My sister, the extrovert and me the introvert were just talking about these kinds of things.
    I love my blog buddies. Maybe one of the things I like best is that I interact with them on my schedule.

  2. Nadja October 6, 2010 at 6:17 pm #

    Huh. I never realized it until I read purplume’s response– the schedule thing really does make a difference. I sometimes beat myself up for not reaching out to people who are actually living near me. But once everyone got married, had families and life started happening, it just got a little more difficult to just go out. I think that’s where facebook and blogging has made a difference.

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