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“She’s our Princess…”

19 Aug

“She’s our Princess,” says Silas one day, looking up from kissing his baby sister’s toes. And she really is. Everyone in this house just bows to her and grovels at her feet. She’s a much-loved little girl. As a friend of mine said, “The goddess has arrived.” If the boys were ever guilty of worshipping a mortal creature, she is it.  

Check out that dimple in her right cheek!

Of course, she’s also the reason that blogging has been suspiciously absent from my list of activities. She craves skin to skin contact from one of us at all times and – let’s be honest – we’re more than happy to oblige her Royal Highness. However since the sling I had for carrying around the boys is missing and I haven’t gotten my Moby wrap yet, that means that things like cooking, cleaning, sending IM’s and blogging are extremely difficult. I’m a terrible one-handed typist. (Since that’s how the majority of this post was typed, please excuse any glaring typing errors.) 

Lola was 5 weeks old yesterday. I can’t believe that 5 weeks have gone by. Those weeks have been a blur of checkups, cuddles, nursing, diaper changes and baths – for her. What it hasn’t been full of is sleep, free time or baths for me. I’m lucky to snag a ten-minute shower once a day. 

I'm not sure if this is before or after he promised her a pony...

Even Daddy is captivated by the Princess. She sure knows how to wrap him around those little tiny fingers.

Being a big brother is the coolest

James has been spending more time at home since Lola came along…he loves holding her and rocking her.

And Mommy? Oh Mommy is having way too much fun.  I’m making up for lost time now. Time that I didn’t have a baby girl to dress up and treat like a living doll. Little girl things are just too cute.

The smallest dress I ever owned.

A dress from her auntie Carolyn

Her Piglet romper from Beckie

She’s got more clothes than we know what to do with, so she’s constantly dressed-up. Even just sitting around the house. Because a Princess needs to look her best.

And as Silas so astutely pointed out…She’s our Princess.


Family Resemblance?

11 Aug

Big Brother Silas

The Princess Lola

What do YOU think?