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37 Weeks

27 Jun

I love you baby girl


Update on the Hooligans…

3 Jun

So I have told you about the baby shower and such…time to get myself in gear and update on what my boys have been doing in the meantime.

James, ever nearing his 8th birthday (8th! I hate saying that!) is looking forward to summer and getting to spend more time outside. He’s a really out-of-doors type kid and can’t stand rainy days or being stuck in the house. He’s been doing great in school and will finish second grade on June 25th. He’s excelling in everything, especially math – takes after his mama for that!

Hayden finishes kindergarten on June 25th as well. He’s done pretty well this year, other than catching every virus that floated through the darn school. He’s done pretty well. We had some issues with behavior, but he seems to have settled in quite well. He’s looking forward to a summer of free time, playing outside, and SOCCER!!!

Silas is also looking forward to summer, because his brothers will be free to play with him. He’s also counting down “sleeps” until his baby sister arrives. The cradle and bedding arrived this week and he was almost as excited as I was! I think he’s going to be an incredible big brother. Lola responds to his voice already like she does for no one else. I think they’re going to be close.

The May 24th weekend was a lot of fun here (Victoria Day in Canada) and we got the first really nice weather that we’ve had in forever! To celebrate, Johnny and I fired up our firepit and we did some marshmallow roasting in our backyard!

This is very serious work.

Hayden liked the marshmallows. We ran out of hot dogs to roast unfortunately because dang they were good! You know, we could have sworn we had more marshmallows though…they seemed to be disappearing…


It was a lot of fun and after a lot of playing, we were all tired out.

Some of us more so than others