A New Year

2 Jan

Well here we are in 2010! Imagine! I remember 2000, when it seemed so shocking that we were going out of the 1900’s forever. Now here we are 10 years later.

I hate new year’s resolutions, so I won’t be making any. I always break them in the first hours of the new year anyway. I could say I’m going to cut back on chocolate, but I’d probably be shoving Teddy Grahams in my mouth as I make the resolution. I could resolve to exercise more and watch my diet…but then it’ll snow for four days so I can’t get outside to walk and the baby will suddenly cause me to crave Big Mac’s. So forget it. No resolutions for me. Instead today I’ll look back at 2009 and review the changes in my life.

2009 rang in finding me living in a small 2 bedroom basement apartment with my husband and children. Johnny was unemployed and times were rough. I’ll be honest, our marriage was shaky. I was depressed. Little did I know that this would be the year of changes for us.

Within two months, the hubs had found a new job. Okay, so it was kind of an old job, but he resecured it. This was an instant boost to our moods and to our finances. We were now able to pay our bills with ease and afford some of the things we’d been unable to get before. It was the turning point for everything.

I started to gain outrageous amounts of energy (that I would give just about anything to have back right now) and went into super-housewife mode. It was then that I made the decision that I was perfectly happy to be a stay at home mom for the rest of my life. I just enjoyed cooking meals, cleaning my house, and baking goodies. The kids looked at me like I was crazy for a while, but they liked the crazy.

In June, my sister Linda came to visit…and totally didn’t stay long enough. It was good though to have a night with her and watch Monty Python movies!

Silas and "Auntie Da"

In July, James turned 7! Hard to believe! Also in July, Hayden had 2 weeks at “Momma and Granddad’s” house (my parents) and Silas moved from his crib to a big boy bed. It was a much easier transition than we had anticipated. However that night and every night since, we’ve found him in some interesting places…

One of his more NORMAL stop-off points

Also in July, Johnny started to consider a career with the Canadian military and we took a trip to Corner Brook for testing and such. That’s when the blog “Raising an Army” was born. He still hasn’t ruled out the military, though I think it’s appealing less with the changes in our lives. Even though we haven’t become a military family, I decided to keep the blog alive. It got it’s start here and has been growing and changing with us ever since.

On August 3rd we received some very upsetting news. We’d been hoping to move for some time and had been actively searching for a house in our budget but weren’t getting very far…and then our landlord’s evil girlfriend decided that she wanted to turn our apartment into a hair salon and that we had 30 days to get out. Well, we knew our rights and that they had to give us 90 days without cause. By our landlord’s own admission we were perfect tenants…but she’s a bi**h and he’s whipped. We didn’t want to give her one more penny of our money so we started aggressively searching for a new home.

You know that saying that he who laughs last laughs best? Well now we’re the ones laughing because that 30 day notice helped us find the most perfect new home. On August 30th we moved into our new home, a beautiful house that really suits our needs.

Our beautiful home!

I swear to you, you will get to see more pictures of our house after the Christmas mess is all cleaned up. In fact, expect to see more pictures of it than you ever want to as we redecorate this spring…and start to decorate our nursery!

On September 1st, we welcomed baby Wyatt Kenneth to the family, courtesy of my neice Eekie (aka: Melissa).

Our sweet baby Wyatt

On September 9th, our little Bubba (aka: Hayden) started Kindergarten. I was a very brave mommy and didn’t cry…much. He didn’t cry at all. Of course.

Kindergarten Bound!

On September 26th, I moved the blog to WordPress, because Blogspot was being a pain in my ass and decided to try the October NaBloPoMo challenge. I failed miserably. Partially due to the fact that I had writers block early on in the month…partially due to the announcement that I made on October 17. The announcement that the army was expanding and we’ll be welcoming a new little recruit around July 18, 2010.

Since then, the blog has been spotty at best. I’ve had morning sickness and not felt up to blogging, but now that I’m nearing that blessed second trimester I’m starting to feel better and hoping to do better. That said, here are a couple of other things that happened this year that didn’t get blogged about appropriately.

November 19 – My handsome hubs turned 28.
November 23 – Our sweet Hayden turned 5. Imagine! FIVE!
December 5th – Silas turned 3.
December 22 – My parents celebrated 48 years of marriage.

I did, however, manage to blog about Christmas with the Army and I promise to do better from here on out. I can’t swear to it that you’ll get a daily update, but I promise you at least a picture every day to show that I do love my little following here and remember you.

For every person who has shared my trials and triumphs with me in 2009 on this blog, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your comments have uplifted me over and over. I went from having a blog that I felt that no one but Tracy cared about to having one that gets comments daily and from people that I truly love sharing my life with. I also promise in 2010 to spend more time commenting on YOUR blogs in return…which I’ve also been terrible about and I’m sorry.

Oh I lied. I do have a New Year’s Resolution:

Have a baby.

Happy 2010 everyone!


2 Responses to “A New Year”

  1. Nadja January 2, 2010 at 7:14 pm #

    Though you may not have completed NaBloPoMo this year, I’m glad you signed up for it. I wouldn’t have found you otherwise! Maybe THIS year we’ll be able to actually make it the whole month.

    Your home really does look beautiful. I love that there’s a little guy in the window. =) I can’t wait to see more pics and read more from you in the upcoming year.

    Oh, and one more thing– Happy New Year!

  2. Tracy January 2, 2010 at 10:40 pm #

    Happy new year!

    The baby resolution is perfect! It’s not like you can just give up on it now! 😀 So I’m going to congratulate your resolution success in advance! YAAAAAAAY!

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