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More Winter Fun

30 Dec

Since I posted a plethoria of Christmas pictures for you all yesterday, I thought I’d just make you all suffer through a few more!

Note: These first pictures were taken before Christmas…and all the snow in them had melted by Christmas day. Now we have none again.

Hayden on his sled

When I look at this picture I have to stop and catch my breath every time. I can’t believe how much he’s grown up. He’s changed more in the past few months than he did in the year before that.

Sweet Cheeks

Of course I expected all the changes with Silas. He went from being a toddler to being a little boy. It’s still hard to believe though.

Perfect Snow Angel

However, as Auntie Da pointed out, the hard part of making the perfect snow angel is getting out of it without stepping on it.

Throwing snow in each other's close range.

They really had a blast doing this. Must be a guy thing.


The above photo is, without a doubt, one of my favorite photos of the year. Somehow it really captured the spirit of Hayden and Silas, at least to me. It’s being enlarged and framed for my family room.


Seriously, who could resist that smile? Even if that smile is on the face of a child who has just strewn toys ALL OVER MY LIVING ROOM.

Blue Eyes

It’s easy to see where Silas inherited those eyes.


What makes my holidays happy

Doesn’t get much better than this.

Oh and Silas wanted to wish you Happy Holidays and a safe and joyous New Year…

Macaulay Culkin?! Is that you?!

…but then he realized how complicated uploading pictures and well, you know, spelling words is…and decided to let me do it instead. 😉


Christmas with the Army

29 Dec

I’m finally able to sit down and push out a blog post for everyone who’s been waiting. It was a fabulous holiday, and I managed to get most of Christmas Eve and all of Christmas day morning-sickness-free! Oh and in other news, the person who coined the term “morning sickness” was cruel to mislead all us poor pregnant people like this. This sickness can strike any time of day or night, even at 4am when I am tucked safe and warm in my bed. It’s sadistic, that’s what it is.

But back to Christmas! My parents and James arrived on the afternoon of the 24th and with them came an early present! My sister Linda gave me her television and TV stand that she left behind when she moved. Thank goodness because our television was about to die and if we can’t get the Treehouse channel, the world as we know it may end. The new tv and stand look far better in our living room, too.

Yes, that is Angelina the Ballerina.

My mom and I (mostly her, because she’s the expert) cooked a delish Newfoundland meal for our dinner, including fresh codfish. Yum! Johnny and the kids wouldn’t eat it, but that just meant more for me! After dinner, we pulled out our surprise dessert, which the boys loved!

Frosty the Snowman cake!

After dessert, the boys played Wii, my mom and I cleaned up, and we mostly relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Oh and for those of you who were wondering, yes, we did get a topper for the tree, finally. It took some searching for one that didn’t make me instantly cringe, and I didn’t get the star that I wanted, but I’m happy with the choice.

Some of the presents spread out!

The boys went out to spread reindeer food for Rudolph and the crew, just in case they needed something extra to draw them to our house. We were really grateful to have a small spattering of snow to spread it on. Our snow of earlier in the month had all melted and it wasn’t looking promising for a white Christmas, but Father Winter came through for us in the end!

Snacks for Rudolph

We tucked the boys in for bed and my mom and I finished wrapping stocking stuffers. Then we all collapsed in bed ourselves, knowing that morning would come far sooner than we were ready for.

The boys got up at 7am. Unfortunately Hayden started the morning by throwing up on his bed. Not cool. He was sick for most of the day but still managed to enjoy the loot that Santa left behind. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for a while.

In front of the tree


Lego Darth Vader Tie Fighter for Hayden!

Yahtzee for James!

Aunt Cecilia is totally cool and bought Transformers!

Russell, Nee and Eekie are also totally cool! Stealth Bumblebee!

And for the interested parties, no, Nee and Eekie are not their real names. My kids just seem to like it better than “Tiffany” and “Melissa”, who (along with Russell) are their cousins from out west.

They also sent a remote control Thomas the Tank Engine!

This thing plays the Thomas theme as it rolls across the floor. I’m going to seek revenge for this awesome and annoying toy.

More presents with Poppy! (Johnny's Dad)

James and his loot

If I posted pictures of all the presents they got individually, my blog would probably crash. They were really happy and had a great day!

My favorite part was dinner. Which my Mom cooked for me.

I’ll try to post again soon, with pictures of our post-Christmas fun! Our snow has all rained away again, so I’m hoping for early spring. 😉

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

15 Dec

I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. I haven’t died. We didn’t lose electricity and internet in one of the many blizzards that’s hit us over the past few weeks. That’s the good news.

I’ve merely been fighting more nausea and a cold. A cold that thanks to the miniscule human that I’m housing, I can’t take anything to relieve. So it’s been a cold that’s been fought with time spent wrapped in a blanket on the sofa. It’s starting to get better…It better be gone by Christmas!

So as an update, here’s what’s happened (other than that) since my last post.

On December 8th I had my first prenatal appointment. I was pretty excited about it, but I’m sure as the months go on and my doctor and I see more of each other than I see of my family (or so it seems) that the appointments will be less anticipated. However, that appointment gave me my due date, which is pretty exciting. It’s July 18, which is the same due date I was given for James. Let’s see if this little one makes it to the due date or arrives on his/her big brother’s birthday!

Also on December 8th was Hayden’s first school Christmas Pageant. It was adorable and I would post pictures of it but none of them came out very well. The auditorium was dark and the stage was bright and my camera didn’t want to cooperate. I’m hoping my sister in law (whose little boy is the same age as Hayden and was in the same pageant!) got some better pictures that she can share.

Two very special birthdays were celebrated in the past month too. Hayden turned 5 on November 23 and Silas turned 3 on December 5th. We celebrated both birthdays on November 28th and had the extended family in for pizza and cake.

Birthday dinner

 We finally shook off some of the holiday slacking too, and now our Christmas tree is up in our living room! I’m really excited about this one because we bought ALL NEW decorations. I wanted red, white and silver and that’s just what I got! Of course it’s a little less “full” than it will be in years to come I’m sure, but for our first Christmas in our new home and starting our own traditions I think it’s perfect.

It looks better in person, honest.

Oh and there’s no star yet. The only ones I could find at the store we went to were ugly, so we’re going to look for a pretty one this week. It’s a real tree! It smells just divine.

So there you have it. You’re all caught up on the Army’s happenings since my last post, and when we finish our house decorating, I’ll post more pictures for you to see!

Husband of the Year

2 Dec
Last night, my wonderful hubs walked 2 miles in the rain because his pregnant wife expressed a desire for peaches.

Back off ladies, he's MINE!

That, my friends, is love. Love and sheer husbandly perfection.