Happy Halloween

31 Oct

From me and the Army!

Everyone at our house loves Halloween. A holiday all about candy and costumes?! COUNT ME IN!!!

Our Halloween tradition is usually a home-cooked dinner, trick or treating afterward, and then we come home to survey our loot! After the kids have sufficiently stuffed themselves on candy, they get a good teeth-brushing and into their pyjamas for bed. Then Johnny and I curl up on the couch and watch our favorite scary movies like the “Nightmare on Elm Street”  series. (Made even  more exciting this year since our new house? It’s on Elm Street. I kid you not!) We also love “The Others”, the “Saw” series, “The Ring” and stuff like that. After I’ve been scared to the point of sleeping with the light on (not hard to do these days…) then we go to bed and I proceed to drive Johnny crazy by waking him up every time the house creaks in the wind.

Isn’t that a great tradition?!

What does YOUR family do for Halloween?


One Response to “Happy Halloween”

  1. Janet November 3, 2009 at 12:58 pm #

    My family has 2 different traditions depending on whether halloween falls on a weekend or not.
    Non-weekend halloween tradition: my kids come home from school and jump right into their costumes. Any teacher fool enough to hand out homework will be disappointed in the morning. They spend -hours- making the costumes -perfect- perfect makeup, perfect accessories, perfect everything. We eat something that is healthy but fast and clean. No speghetti or saucy stuff. One year we had subs, another year we had fish sticks and fries. I don’t have time to cook AND get custumes ready for everyone. So I don’t. 🙂 Then we drive into town and we take our time going from house to house for about 30 minutes (the little kids can’t really do more than that and they don’t really need that much candy anyways). They are allowed one or two when we get home and then it’s off to bed. I spend the next couple of hours going over the booty and getting rid of anything suspect or that I don’t want them to have (read: Bubble Gum).

    Weekend Halloween Tradition: My mother in law comes and get the kids on Friday and they go to her house for the weekend. I pick them up Sunday afternoon. 🙂 This is my favourite halloween tradition. 🙂

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