One of Those Weeks

13 Oct

Ever have “one of those days”? You know, the kind where you really don’t feel like doing anything except curling up with a blanket and a good book and maybe having a nap or twelve? Well, I’m having one of those weeks. Ever since last weekend I haven’t felt like doing a darned thing except possibly some extensive sleeping.

The worst part is, what little I did manage to accomplish in the past few days seemed to be undone in a matter of minutes. Clean the kitchen, go to the bathroom, return to find out that a tornado swept through while I was brushing my teeth. It was frustrating, and what’s more – depressing! Then I felt even less like putting an effort into getting off my lazy butt and doing anything…and so the cycle continued.

Today I managed to be minorly productive. The dishwasher got reloaded, my laundry got washed, my bathroom got at least a once-over. If I can manage to get one step farther tomorrow, then I’ll feel even better. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get those cookies baked that I’ve been intending to do for a whole month and a half.

I always feel so guilty when I have a day that is so low on productivity that I think a well-trained chimp could do better. My mom always did better than that. She always had a spotless house, a perfect dinner, clean and pressed clothes…or did she? Did she really have all those things that I remember, or is that just the way I remember it?

Even if that is the way it was…SO WHAT? I’m not my mother, I’m me. Silas and Hayden don’t care if the floor is clean enough to eat off, nor if there are four loads of laundry downstairs in my laundry room. They don’t really mind if we have Kraft Dinner (ptooey!) for dinner instead of cuisine. They are happy, healthy little boys who know that they’re loved more than anything. That’s what matters.

So sorry about the delay in blog posts but…it’s been one of those weeks.


One Response to “One of Those Weeks”

  1. Beckie! October 31, 2009 at 5:05 am #

    Hey i hear ya sissy, i clean the house spotless one day and the very next day it looks like a tornado has gone through it! sometimes i just throw my hands up and say whatever.
    ps. as for momma i don’t think during the day she sits down, even through dinner or supper she’s up and down up and down! the only time shes sitting long enough is when she goes to bed! hahaha, she can always find something even if its something so tiny no one else would have noticed 🙂

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