It can be done, it should be done, it shall be done…Tomorrow….

6 Oct

Ever have “one of those weeks”? You know the type. The kind where you really feel like no matter what, you are going to fall over at any time and just spontaneously nap? I’m having one of those weeks.

I suppose I have a bit of a sleep debt that it’s time to repay. Last week was a busy week full of late nights and I suppose I’m paying the price this week as a result. The good news is that Johnny is on day shifts this week, so there’s no reason we can’t go to bed at a decent hour all this week and catch up. The bad news is that right now I feel so hopelessly tired that I’m not getting any of the things done that I want to do. Today, for example, I had planned to vacuum my rug and wash all my floors. Instead…well you see what I’m doing. I want to bake cookies, put laundry on the line, rearrange my linen closet. Instead I’m sitting here whining to all of you.

Maybe in an hour or so I’ll feel better. Maybe I’ll get a surge of energy that results in empty hampers, sparkling floors, fresh baked goods and a tidy linen closet.

If not, there’s always tomorrow.


2 Responses to “It can be done, it should be done, it shall be done…Tomorrow….”

  1. DeWayne October 7, 2009 at 1:12 pm #

    Amen to that. Too bad I am not allowed to not do stuff D= Because my life are lame >.>

  2. Dryad October 20, 2009 at 6:27 pm #

    My theory on housework is: The mess will be there tomorrow. It won’t go anywhere. I’ve tested this theory many many times, and, except on the odd day when my kids REALLY wanted me to buy them something, my theory on housework is pretty sound. I’m still testing my housecleaning-makes-great-bridary-material theory, but I can tell you that so far the results are promising…..

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